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Article: Grip scissors (thread cutting scissors, Japanese scissors)


Grip scissors (thread cutting scissors, Japanese scissors)

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
When I joined the company, the president gave me this as a gift to help me become a craftsman.
One of the seven leather jacket tools. It's a pair of scissors.
The main use is for thread cutting, but if it is thin leather, it can be used to make incisions or cut the tip.
It may also be used.
It is used frequently during sewing, and it feels like using it in the same way as a human fingertip. The reason is
・It must be small enough to fit in your hand.
- The cutting edge is close to the finger, making it easy to grasp the target.
・No need for two actions: opening the blade and then cutting.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
The blade is screwed to a plastic grip and opens with a built-in spring.
By inserting your ring finger into the ring, you will feel a sense of unity.
There are two main types of scissors.
・X-shaped: A type with a screw (fulcrum) between the blade and handle. Common types of stationery scissors, cutting scissors, etc.
・U-shaped: Grip scissors are of this type. The U-shaped part of the spring serves as the fulcrum.
An X-shape that allows adjustments and corrections to be made by inserting screws and then attaching the blade.
On the other hand, the U-shape is completed all at once by attaching blades to both ends of a piece of soft iron and then bending the central part.
A balance between sophistication and dynamics. I can feel the Japanese craftsman spirit.
Gripping scissors have the oldest history as scissors.
They were distributed all over the world, including Europe and Southeast Asia, but they are still being built today.
I think it's only in Japan. However, production seems to be decreasing every year.
I think it is one of the traditional cultures that should be preserved.
Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets
I found scissors that were larger than the normal size (photo above). What on earth would you use it for?
I have also seen items that were twice as large at antique markets.
The same type of shears that were used to shear sheep in Greece are said to be nearly 1 meter long.
There are various types of simple grip scissors.
I am grateful to be able to use today's improved scissors after hundreds of years.