I will come when I forget

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

When I returned to my hometown on the W650 on a regular holiday the other day, I was able to rent a somewhat unusual bike and ride it.

CBR750 Super Aero , the unique cam gear sound and Hurricane logo are cool.

Please ride carefully from the owner! So I went from Oita to Beppu, went up the Yamanami Highway, took a quick breather at Lake Shidaka, and then headed back the way I had come.

After driving for a while, the engine started to slow down, and when I looked at the meter, the gas meter was all the way to the left where RES was written.

I immediately turned the fuel cock to reserve, and the engine was running fine, so I was planning to fill up with gas on the way home when the incident occurred.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

Yes, I'm out of gas (lol)

I just experienced this symptom of not being able to run the engine.

It was a sad incident that happened while I was driving on that coastal road that connects Beppu and Oita.

I immediately requested help from the owner, had him come and quickly charged the car from a gasoline can, and everything was fine, but this was due to a human error as I had not calculated the fuel consumption properly. .

Even though I've been riding for almost 27 years, I still get carried away by the spring weather, so please be careful about how much gas you have left and enjoy your ride!

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