Winter JKT and winter gloves

Autumn/winter models are now in stock!

It's September, and the new season has started arriving!

Leather JKT is a standard popular item that will be restocked.

New fabrics for JKT & coats have arrived right away!


Other than leather JKT, this NOEMI seems to be popular.

Plenty of sleeping bag cotton is inserted into the outer side.

The lining is a double punch of Comformax high-performance batting and aluminum heat reflective film, so it looks like it's going to be great at keeping you warm from the cold...!

New NOEMI and winter gloves.

NOEMI's sleeve cuffs have inner ribbing, so you'll have to worry about matching them with winter gloves.


Short type winter gloves like the RUGGEDMAN GLOVE , which are popular every winter, seem to be able to provide a certain level of wind protection by matching the diameter of the inner rib rather than around the cuff.


There is nothing to say about windproofness! With GAUNTLET OLDIE'S , you can easily cover even large cuffs like NOEMI.
With this, you will never feel the wind coming in through the cuffs...

If you missed Winter Globe last year, hurry up!

Winter gloves_GAUNTLET_OLDIES②

Although there are new releases, winter gloves tend to be out of stock early every year.

There are many reservations this year, and it seems that there were many people who were unable to purchase last year.
Please purchase early.

Especially if you are interested in the gauntlet type but haven't used it yet, please give it a try!
I think you'll be impressed by the lack of wind intrusion.

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