[Engineer boots that are easy to put on and take off] KA-GIJ

"Engineer boots look cool, but they're hard to put on and take off..."

“When I was touring with my friends, I was the only one who had trouble taking off my boots. 』

"When I tried it on, my heel got caught and I couldn't fit it at all!" 』

I often hear the voice at the store.

“I like the way they look, but when I tried them on, I couldn't put them on, so I gave up on engineer boots! 』
Isn't there some people?

Actually, I who am writing this article also gave up on engineer boots once, so I can understand the feeling painfully.

However, for such people, KADOYA engineer boots [KA-GIJ] that are easy to put on and take off are recommended!

■ The point is the loose curve of the ankle

KA-G.I.J ankle curve

Those who find it difficult to put on and take off engineer boots often have a wide foot with high insteps, which is common among Japanese people.
Slender engineer boots often get caught at the ankle.

However, [KA-GIJ] has a gentle ankle curve , so even those with high insteps can easily wear it! !

■Of course it is smooth when we take off

The loose curve of the ankle part is a great point when you take it off!

There are few catches and it can be taken off smoothly, so it's a strange atmosphere when you can't take off your boots when touring.
It will not be ww

Excellent fit when worn

“But if it’s easy to put on, doesn’t that mean it’s easy to take off? 』

That's something that crosses my mind, but the instep fits tightly, so it won't come off easily!

This is the voice of a staff member who has been using [KA-GIJ] for about 8 years, so I think you can trust it!

■ [KA-GIJ-SS], which is easy to shift, is also recommended.


[KA-GIJ] 's characteristic sole ["Vibram company" block pattern #1100]
It is popular for its rugged appearance, but the shift operation requires a little getting used to.

For those who are worried about the shift operation, we also recommend [KA-GIJ-SS] using the "US Vibram" Mini Lug sole #430, so please consider this as well!

■[KA-GIJ] is recommended for engineer boots that are easy to put on and take off.

[KA-GIJ] is also recommended for those who have been avoiding engineer boots because it is difficult to put on and take off. !

If you are looking for engineer boots that are easy to put on and take off, please try them at our company store! !


*Due to low production numbers, there may be cases where the desired size is out of stock.
If you would like to try on, we recommend that you check the stock before coming to the store.

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