1939 Indian Cheaf

1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star

Mainly old Triumph, restore, tuning, customization, vehicle sales

Formed by riders who gather at this shop

"Participate in a vintage bike race with the members wearing matching racing suits!"

Someone said,
In 2013, as the new year began, the concept of the suit was gradually decided.
It's been a long time since I ordered all the members.

On this day, the Kadoya bargain held once every six months,
We, who usually work at the factory, are all mobilized to help with customer service sales,
Get down to the shop floor.

At this timing when the basting of the racing suit is ready
In having you come to the fitting.

Mr. Kubota
TEAM TRIDE [Leader of the West]

I had a racer brought in from my hometown Shizuoka early in the morning on a holiday.

Mr. Kubota is a private builder who previously introduced the race entry on the HF blog.
[L.O.C] From the second round of the Legend of Classic, Fuji Speedway
Participate in this BSA GOLD STAR.
Of course, this vehicle was also built entirely by his own hands.
In the second round, both the engine and riding were in excellent condition.

This guy is always cool.

TEAM TRIDE [Leader of the East]

I decided to have him come by motorcycle even if he can come by bicycle. .
The 〔INDIAN CHEAF〕 that I rode on this day is for everyday city driving.
The machine that will actually enter the race is [INDIAN SPORTS SCOUT]

Originally, the basting fitting that straddles the machine that actually participates in the race
Not long until the MCFAJ Clubman Road Race Tsukuba final round on September 29th
SPORTS SKOUT has been brought to TRIDE to finish as a racer...

As a maker of basting fittings, let alone racing suits
As much advance information as possible is required, and the riding position is the race vehicle.
I was asked to bring INDIAN CHEAF because there was almost no change.
That's why.

It becomes very complicated, but
Kiyoita-kun is also a [genuine tiger rider].

Johnson Motors handled it as a tuning part for commercial vehicles.
Equipped with a rare part of the racing kit, the delta head, the chopper custom
The 1952 model [TIGER100] and
It would have been used only in off-road races in the United States,
The 1951 model [TR5] that came with new headlights at the time of delivery, etc.

A substitute for maniacs,
An exquisite stance unique to Kiyoita-kun.

You can never imitate it!

If Mr. Kubota is cool,
Kiyoita-kun is Kaccho, yes.

There is horse mackerel in each one, even in small parts
The INDIAN logo mark is included, or it is engraved.
You can see the careful craftsmanship of this era, where the prestige of the manufacturer was at stake.

where are you
This kaccho yeah tank view.

It wasn't just the motorcycle that Kiyoita-kun brought.

For grass races such as dirt tracks that were popular in the United States
Is not it,
2-piece racing suit made to order,
American made in the 60's.
The crisp primary colors used symbolize the times.

With the atmosphere of the racing suit at the time
Incorporating matching with the vintage racer to bring into the design
We will produce a racing suit with the current MFJ official specifications.

The order specifications are also full of information.

Although it is a team matching racing suit
The riding position and other detailed specifications are different for each individual.

Mr. Kubota in a one-piece suit
Sepahan, back step [Stomach forward leaning posture]

Considering the posture in the riding position as top priority,
In order to achieve both comfort and fit,
The bending angle of the knee and the amount of sagging behind the knee, relative to the position of the center of the knee
What is the position of the knee cups? ,, Is the distance from the knee to the crotch enough?
How's the momentum in the knee grips and the split legs in the bank? ,,
And so on, what kind of posture to take during the race over the whole body
Hear as closely as possible from the rider and check the details
To go.

Kiyoita takes the opposite riding position from Mr. Kubota

Kiyoita-kun's two-piece suit with separate upper and lower parts
The step is also closer to the front with the up handle
The angle at which the knee bends is almost a right angle.

High handle position
Shoulders and elbows are almost at the position of the handle even when the body is down
Because it remains, it is different from Mr. Kubota who keeps a forward leaning posture
You will need to deal with it.

Sit comfortably on the INDIAN pinion seat
Nau Chan, the daughter who followed her father.
Sleep for a while.

Kiyoita-kun, who is busy with checking the specifications with the pattern maker...
I thought that, but when I saw the smiling face of my daughter who occasionally peeks at me,
Clearly the usual good thing I know
Unlike, he was a nice dad.

A final word to the bored daughter.

"I'm going to 7-Eleven when I'm done!"

This smile is


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