Taste of Tsukuba KAGURADUKI Stage

At Tsukuba Circuit, twice a year in spring and autumn,

Grass race that even amateurs can participate in

"Taste of Tsukuba" will be held.

Last weekend, the autumn competition, "Kagurazuki Stage" was held.

Participating vehicles are mainly 1980s motorcycle races,

Taste of Tsukuba, a festival of motorcycles called old cars,

Due to the large number of spectators , it is the largest grass race in the Kanto region.

It is our president who will participate in the ZERO 3 class with SUZUKI GSX-R750.

After qualifying, the final started from 5th on the grid.

You can feel the tension before the start.

The favorite rocket start is decided,

Rush to the top!

Fighting in the 1 minute 3 seconds range is no longer a battle for amateur riders sweat

Finished the race safely and finished 2nd!

president! congratulation!

Starting with President Tago, everyone who helped out on the day,

those who supported us,

Thank you very much.

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