Soft steer and natural cow

The quality of the leather is very important when choosing a leather jacket! !

Recently, I think many people are purchasing products online other than KADOYA, but have you ever felt this way when looking at product images and catalog images online?

"The leather quality was different than I expected..."

"I thought the leather would be softer."

“When I look at the catalog, they all seem to have the same quality of leather.”

In fact, we often receive consultations like this at stores.

Actually at the store

``I didn't really understand it just from the pictures, so I'm glad I got to see it in person! ”

This happens all the time.

Therefore, this time I will briefly write about the difference between [Soft Steer] and [Natural Cow], which are often asked.

soft steer

Soft steer and natural cow 2

Cowhide leather is used in most models, from classic riders to tight-line jackets and leather pants.

The typical model is

The leather is soft and slightly stiff from the moment you put it on, but it breaks in quickly, so if you wear it, it will become a leather that you can wear on the street.

The distinctive feature is smooth leather, which has a smooth surface texture with little grain and a glossy feel.

Because it looks more like a rider, it is the most preferred leather quality.

natural cow

Soft steer and natural cow 3

This is the cowhide leather used in this season's new product [EURUS] and the distinctive pad model [BRAWLER].

The typical model is

The leather contains a rich amount of oil, giving it a moderate firmness and waist feel.

The characteristic feature is the texture of the surface.

This is an irresistible leather quality for those who like grained leather!

Soft steer and natural cow, which do you prefer?

Soft steer and natural cow 4

⇦Left: Soft steer Natural cow: Right⇨

The big difference in appearance between natural cow and soft steer is the texture of the surface.

Of course, it's okay to judge only by appearance, but even the same cowhide leather feels different when worn.

If you are interested, please check it out directly at the store!

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