It's persistent, but brush the demon! ?

Hello everyone.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce Kita's personal belongings, a self-proclaimed "brushing demon".

If you like the maintenance of leather products,

Especially brushing is essential.

It is said that 60% of leather maintenance is completed by brushing.

It's very important, but there are many different types.

Following the German brush , I would like to introduce the Sanoori brush pig hair.

This is also my regular brush.

・Sanoori clothes brush

Continuing from the last time, it is a Sanoori brush, and it is for clothes.

Even if you say clothes, you can take care of cotton, jeans, and even cashmere with horse hair.

Also perfect for motorcycle tops and jeans that tend to get dusty and proud.

Unlike leather care brushes, it has a handle,

It is a specification that specializes in dusting with a snap instead of polishing.

When I get home, I always use a German brush for leather,

Midler and pants with Sanoori clothes,

And brushing the boots with Sanoori pig hair,

Exactly three kinds of sacred treasures.

For me, it is as natural as breathing.

There is no correct answer for leather maintenance, but if you want to make it last longer

Brushing is recommended!

Next time, I will introduce a brush that is specialized for a specific application.

Well, it's a good thing to work on maintenance on holidays.

Good evening.

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