Put the length of your thoughts on the spine. Vol.3

Hello. I'm Kita.

It's December~

Are you enjoying your two-wheeled life?

Speaking of me, I'm still considering adding letters to my denim vest.

After all, it is a big billboard for life, and failure is not allowed.

By the way, while commuting to work, I felt a tingling sensation peculiar to this time of year.

This is the character that flashed. The concept is "because it's this time of year, make compromises".

When I was young, I used to get in the mood for peaky driving with the throttle on and off.

I felt that it was inevitable that I would face pain someday.

However, when I moved, I met the current Cub,

I learned how wonderful it is to run slowly.

"After you!"

I respect this word that I sometimes see on the rear bumper of a truck.

It feels good. I might buy it when it's commercialized

Ah! But I don't think I'm confident enough to wear this vest!

You can expect to be frustrated because you were overtaken if you were overtaken,

I can see that I'm disappointed in my narrow mind!

No, no, no! (smile)

Hmm, I'm still worried.

Are you thinking about it slowly?

Good evening.

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