my leather jacket

In recent years, the number of motorcycles has increased rapidly,

There are quite a few female visitors as well.

When I heard the story, I just delivered it! Those who say

For those who bought a motorcycle first and are now in the process of obtaining a license,

If you want to ride a motorcycle, Kadoya's leather jacket! I came because I was told. When

For those who come to the store, etc.

At first it was surprisingly difficult to dress for riding a motorcycle,

I didn't know what kind of styling would be good.

In the first place, how about a leather jacket? It seems that there are many people who say.

Until I met Kadoya, I didn't want to wear a leather jacket and ride a motorcycle.

There is a little resistance, and it is heavy and difficult to drive. I thought it was

Knowing the safety and durability of leather, I now feel that it is an absolutely necessary item.

At the Osaka store, we are restocking standard models that have been out of stock for a long time,

Arrival of ladies size engineer boots, etc.

The size is now available, so please try it on at this timing.

How about getting your favorite one♪

Classic single riders KL-S4

Standard double riders KL-W4

Engineer Boots KA-GIJ

We are looking forward to your visit ♪

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