WP WOOL NECK WARMER for neck coordination

If you wear a leather jacket in winter, your neck tends to get cold, but a normal neck warmer doesn't keep you warm through the wind and doesn't look good.

Every year, we often get asked about it, but this season we have released an item that solves that problem!


The windproof film is sandwiched, so it keeps your neck warm even in harsh winter winds.

Two colors, gray and black

Two colors: bright light gray and black

Try coordinating with the color of the leather jacket.

It can be folded into a small size and is also pocketable.

You can also put a warmer in the pocket on the back of the tip.

It can be folded and made pocketable, so you can use it only in the morning and evening, and carry it in a bag during the day.

Unexpectedly, these items are bulky and get in the way in your bag, but by folding them like this, the inside of your bag will be neat!

How about coordinating your neck?

[WP WOOL NECK WARMER] which is both warm and accents your outfit

Wouldn't it be useful for both motorcycles and everyday use?

The Sendai store has a few black and gray colors in stock, so please try to match it with the leather jacket you have at the store!

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