A feeling that fits in your hand

Hands are very sensitive areas and you can see the slightest difference.

As I searched for usability in all situations, I came to own various lengths of ratchet wrenches.

However, motorcycle gloves are difficult to use properly while riding, so it is a total choice.

Leather glove VMX GLOVE with 70's MX glove design.

Three-dimensional stitching, palm leather, and outer stitching make it comfortable to wear.

It is very simple because it does not come with belts.

The line from the fingertips to the back of the hand, which is a feature of this glove, is sewn with urethane foam instead of leather, giving it a protective function.

You can use it all day without feeling any stress.

Although it is a small amount, we have received it, so please try it on at the store.

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