Semi-double high neck leather jacket ”REP” etc.

Introducing the 2022 autumn/winter new riders jacket "REP".

"REP", which features a slightly higher stand collar, is an intermediate jacket between single riders and double riders. I think that the design that looks both avant-garde and traditional can be worn regardless of the car model.

The metal fittings, which are unified in silver, go well with the moderately glossy black leather, which enhances the atmosphere of this jacket.

KADOYA's original dot button is engraved with "KADOYA JAPAN", but it has a good impression of being modest. I feel that the design of the dot button, which considers harmony with the whole, speaks to the balance of the product as a whole.

The continuation product "INTHERMO" series is worn inside the rider's jacket. A strong windproof film is used in the front part, so it looks like a normal knit, but it has a preliminary windproof effect.

The knitting eyes are neither big nor small, so it's normal. The yarn has a firmer texture and more abrasion resistance than regular yarn.

Finally, we introduce the leg bag “LSP-2 WAYBAG”. The texture of this bag is really good, but since the leather quality is similar to that of the REP introduced this time, it goes very well with it.

As the 2WAY product name suggests, it can also be used as a shoulder bag. Because of its high convenience, it is a product that I would strongly recommend if you are looking for a bag of this size.

"Use a good product for a long time" is a cliché, but it is a good product and at the same time it is recommended, so I would like you to consider it.

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