I ran the circuit!

I will occasionally post photo logs other than product introductions, so I would like to briefly introduce the state of the driving event at Tsukuba Circuit that several KADOYA employees participated in the other day!

Head office factory patterner U who regularly goes to the circuit
It was impressive to see the NSR250R flutter and lightly run on the course!

Head office staff M at the circuit for the first time with GSX-R1000
With each lap, the time steadily decreased, and the tires that had just been changed were melting into mush!

Our representative, who also participates in Taste of Tsukuba, participated with an oil-cooled GSX-R1100.
When I saw the running on the course, I felt the awesomeness again...

This is my first circuit with Z900RS.
I regretted not being able to handle the bike as I had hoped, but I want to run the circuit regularly and get better! ignited his fighting spirit. (smile)

Everyone achieved their goal of the day, “Finish without falling”, and it was a day where we could once again feel the difficulty and fun of riding a motorcycle!

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