[RIDES SHOULDER BAG] New colors are available! !


The [RIDES SHOULDER BAG] , which was popular and sold out for a long time, is back in stock with the new white and orange colors! !

If you want to know more about RIDES SHOULDER BAG, please see the article here.

\\Shoulder bag perfect for riding a motorcycle//

White that looks beautiful and looks great on a leather jacket


White with low gloss

The impression is that it goes well with any leather jacket, but the coordination with a leather jacket that has a strong glossy feeling is definitely an impression!

Vivid color and conspicuous orange


Orange stands out with its vivid color, and instantly makes coordination that tends to be all black pop.

It seems to be easy to use not only for motorcycle use but also for everyday coordination!

In particular, this orange color is a limited production, so please forgive us when it is sold out.

From motorcycle use to everyday use

[RIDES SHOULDER BAG] is popular not only for motorcycles but also for everyday use.

"Leather bags are fine, but I'd prefer something a little more casual..."

For those who say, it will be a recommended bag, so please consider it before it is sold out!

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