RIDEN WARM Series - Winter high-performance casual innerwear

- RIDEN WARM Series -

winter riding
High-performance innerwear for comfort

It's not just warm, it's comfortable when riding
The RIDEN WARM series that combines casualness
I'm going to introduce.

- Sports casual taste created by combination fabric

A combination of heathered knit fabric with a rich texture and double weave 2-way stretch fabric expresses a sports casual taste. The double-weave 2-way stretch fabric used for the front of the top is not only resistant to wind, but also has excellent wear resistance, and is designed to prevent interference with the rider's zip. It combines strength and design.

- Original details

The RIDEN series logo in the same color as the fabric is placed at one point. The laser hole has the effect of reducing stuffiness and is a design accent. Even in the simple design, we have finished it with details that are unique to KADOYA.

- Soft and comfortable to wear

The thick brushed fabric is fluffy and soft to wear and wraps around your body. In addition to excellent heat retention, it also has sweat-absorbing and quick-drying properties, reducing discomfort caused by perspiration.

- Good athletic performance

Although it is not a design for motorcycles, it adopts a head factory pattern that balances the amount of momentum necessary for riding and a beautiful silhouette, so you don't feel cramped even when you take a riding position despite the thick fabric.

I made use of the characteristic of the cloth to the maximum
Simple design.
RIDEN WARM series innerwear
Enjoy your winter riding.

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