Gloves with protection to match the leather jacket…

Padded gloves that match the leather jacket style [C-NINE]

Riders jacket gloves ③

2 types of gloves have been added to the new 2020 F&W.

  • C-NINE

The C-NINE introduced this time is a 3-season type that does not have a boa lining.

It's a perfect model for this time of year.

On the other hand, P-SEVEN is a winter model that uses boa and fleece for the lining.
It is a finish that makes you want to own both!

A protective glove series for leather jackets that continues from [NKG-R].

It goes back about 5 years ago...

At that time, our glove line-up consisted mainly of authentic and simple models that matched leather jackets and other simple wear.

However, since we have many products that claim to be motorcycle wear,

"I want a glove in the line-up that is well padded and matches my leather jacket!"

I consulted with our designer who was in the process of product planning.

"I want a pad, but if it's too sporty, it won't suit riders, so I don't know..."

Our designer who makes a draft with a good feeling when we have a meeting with this and that.

Leather gloves that match the rider's jacket

It was about four years ago that the first glove, [NKG-R], was released as a form of such a request.

After that, improved [NKG-R2] and derived season model [NKG-RW],
[NKG-SP] etc.

Various models have been added to the lineup.

4 years since then, the model [C-NINE] has undergone repeated improvements

Riders jacket gloves ②

Various forms have been changed from [NKG-R], and the name of [C-NINE], which is being developed this time, has been renewed.

  • With plastic pad
  • It fits the rider's jacket!

The concept is the same.

Please try these gloves at the store to add safety and a little styling spice to the styling of your rider's jacket!

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