Leather blouson jacket [SB9]

Introducing a casual autumn/winter jacket that can be used as street wear.

This year's new item [SB9] is a diamond-stitched cotton-filled leather item.

Available in two colors, brown and black. It has a color that is suitable for autumn and winter.

[Model height: 165 cm / weight: 59 kg / M size wearing]

[Model height: 173cm/Weight: 64kg/Wearing size L]

High-performance COMFORMAX filling is placed on the outer material and lining. It has high cold resistance and heat retention.

The front zipper opens in reverse, so you can take a stress-free riding position even when leaning forward.

In addition to the front section, it also has an inner pocket.

The collar and cuffs use knit ribs.

You can put protectors on your shoulders, elbows and back.

It is an item that can be used all-round from street clothes to motorcycle life.

Are you ready for fall/winter? Don't miss this opportunity if you haven't yet.

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