Racing gear [GPS GLOVE-K]

Operability, protection, compatibility with leather wear.

If you are looking for a glove that combines these, it is a must-see.

"GPS GLOVE-K" developed under the double name of Kushitani x KADOYA

Based on Kushitani's "GPS GLOVE"

Contrary to Kushitani's lacy and well-colored products, the "GPS GLOVE-K" that we are introducing this time has a chic color scheme based on black.

Cushioned protection is placed from the wrist to the back and fingertips.

Protection is also placed on the palm side.

There are two clasps on the cuffs and wrists to hold it securely.

[Wearer: M size / Height 172 cm / Weight 64 kg / Hand size: Height 18.5 cm / Width 8.5 cm / Thickness 2.5 cm]

Since it inherits the DNA derived from the circuit, it is of course protection and safety. Excellent grip and operability.

It can be used casually even on the street.

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