first leather jacket

For me, the first leather jacket in my life was handed over from the manager of the Osaka store.

By the time I received it, the wrinkles on the sleeves, which make me feel the aging, were already showing a good taste.

I had never worn a leather jacket until I entered Kadoya,
All I could think was, "It doesn't suit me."
So even though I received it, I have never worn it until now. . .
But it's a waste if you don't wear it! I gradually began to think so,
I wrote this photolog while wearing this leather jacket!

I myself feel the same way about wearing a leather jacket,
For customers who have never worn a leather jacket and who visit our store
I want you to realize the coolness of leather jackets even a little,
I'm going to wear it while enjoying the aging from now on♪

There are only a few left this year, but we are waiting for you to visit us! ! !
(The KADOYA signboard of the Osaka store also has a good taste (laughs))

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