Limited time exhibition -UNITED KADOYA KAFE- started

Limited time exhibition held at UNITED cafe along Kannana in Tokyo - UNITED KADOYA KAFE

I went to set up from the morning, and from today, the event was held safely!

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In this exhibition, we are exhibiting new items for the spring and summer of 2021 and standard riders items.

It's a sample that you can try on, so if you have a product you're interested in, please take a look at it!

Also, during the event period, we will give away a leather coaster to those who eat and drink at the store!

Kadoya's finest engineer, made from thick leather used for GIJ boots.

It is a special product engraved with a logo created for this exhibition project.

( Limited to the first 200 people. Please note that the number is limited. )

The event will be held for 13 days from April 14th to April 26th (closed on Tuesdays).

This week, April 17th (Sat), our designer Kotani will be in the gallery and talk about various products.

Please drop in at this opportunity!

Items that appeared