Oiled vintage steer minimum bag

This is the WAISTBAG-GS series that was specially ordered from our directly managed store.

The material has been changed from the genuine HF-GOAT to the recently popular Oiled Vintage Steer.

In fact, this is the first time that we have produced a bespoke model with changed specifications, which is not a part number for semi-orders.

Due to the size and structure of the main body, it was difficult to make other than goatskin, but the oiled vintage steer that I started handling a few years ago matched perfectly and I was able to make it.

The feeling of use does not change, and it is a size that fits the minimum baggage and has an excellent fit.

Horizontal hanging style like a gun holster

Fits well as a hip bag

It can also be used as a sacoche.

A minimal bag with a different leather and a more glossy look

Recommended for smart riders with less luggage.

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