Off-road Shidoki

Sunshine hours that grow day by day. budding vegetation.

From around this week, the number of days that make us feel the arrival of spring has increased.

I get excited when I think about the touring schedule.

The other day, I visited a motocross course in Fukushima.

I am indebted to "Moto Sports Land Shidoki"

I was invited by Mr. Tadao Special Parts.

A vehicle that you can rent.

Full-fledged racer vehicles are also available for rent,

You can choose according to your skill.

This is Mr. Osanai, the manager of the Ueno store.

Although she is a woman, her technique and physical strength are second to none.

As expected!

I borrowed Honda's famous car CRF150.

150 is enough, too fast!

My body is full of strength.

As expected, veteran's riding is decided!

And Mr. Hashimoto, the mechanic.

His riding is outstanding!

I couldn't keep up.

Yuri-chan, a mini bike racer.

Even though I'm in elementary school, my running is already the same as adults!

Behind her is the mother who watches over her.

I'm looking forward to the future.

Two days later, I had muscle pain all over my body, but this time again, everyone was able to enjoy themselves without injury.

From playing with motorcycles to making riding wear even a little

I would love to hear your feedback.

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