Custom-made and old lenses

During the bargain sale the other day, when I was helping out at the store, a regular customer at the main store asked me about custom-made products.

The concept is right out "the cameraman's best"

In particular, we are particular about equipping a three-dimensional pocket that can hold several camera lenses at the same time.

I have made jackets and vests with multiple storage capacity many times in the past, but this is the first time that I have made a lens-only jacket.

The first thing I imagined was a large box-shaped pocket with a shock-absorbing material such as urethane sponge in the interior, but listening to you, it seems that's not the case.

Customers are reluctant to combine materials such as urethane sponge with leather.

However, as expected, I was worried about it, so I made several proposals to protect the lens, but there was enough background behind those clear ideas to keep me quiet.

A customer who has experience working in harsh conditions as a news photographer, and who has used the camera as a tool for his work, is already able to see clearly what he wants from an ideal vest.

"Photography" as a job has already been retired, and I am enjoying photography as a hobby with my favorite old lens on the "digital" camera that I got for the first time a few years ago. ' he says modestly.

His long-time partner, the nylon photographer's vest, was already in tatters.

So, when I asked if I could borrow the actual lenses that I would actually store and my favorite nylon vest as reference items, they immediately brought a large amount of materials the next day.

3 vests and 1, 2, 3... 6 lenses!

All of them are old single focal length lenses that have been around for a long time, so they are quite heavy despite their small size.

The paint on the Leica lens is peeling off, and the copper color inside is slightly exposed, giving it a nice atmosphere.

There is also a Russian lens of unknown year, and it is a multinational and unlimited collection!

“Old lenses are made of iron, so they are strong and heavy, but they don’t break.”

"Put it in a plastic bag at a convenience store and stick it in your pocket, that's all there is to it."

When I was looking at the lens group, I immediately noticed something unusual.

None of them have front lens caps.

"I don't need it, it's just a hindrance"

A number of shocking statements

I don't call it a hobby, but I like to own a camera and a few lenses.

I'm always stressed that lens caps get in the way, but the capless idea doesn't come out even if I stand upside down.

I see, I just got a little grasp of the best image that the customer is trying to make.
It seems that this fixed concept was definitely a hindrance.

Rather than shock absorption, the pocket needs tensile strength to withstand the weight of the metal lens, and an opening that makes it easy to take out the lens in an instant.
Even though it is the best, if you add several lenses to the weight of all leather, the total weight is reasonable.
In order to reduce fatigue from the weight on your shoulders, you want to put a low-resilience sponge on your shoulders.
However, will customers who dislike the combination of leather and different materials agree?

Thus began the arduous journey to becoming the best leather photographer.

Mr. A, we have just started, but thank you for your heart-warming request!


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