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Article: RIDERS MODS PARKA & VERMILLION. Two mod styles



Mod style closely tied to motorcycle culture.

When you think of leather jackets, you think of Rockers. But I still like the style of mod hoodies.

In the past, I tried to somehow incorporate that feeling into the KADOYA style,

However, in the end, it was magically remodeled into something else...

VERMILLION has a short length and a slim fit, with consideration for riding a bike.

In addition to being equipped with a protector, NEXT KADOYA's design interpretations are scattered throughout, such as the tuck-roll stitched elbow pads and sharp front changes.

However, it is no longer a mod hoodie...

In order to relieve such a distressed feeling,

We have released RIDERS MODS PARKA, which aims for the style of an orthodox mod hoodie.

However, the magical remodeling that continues...

"If you're on a bike, you'll step on my hem."

Now, let's make it so that it can be wrapped around the thighs.

"The hood might be a nuisance."

Make sure you can remove it with a zipper and dot button.

After all, there are various interpretations. (lol)

When viewed from a distance, it has the style and silhouette of an orthodox mod hoodie.

However, when it comes to riding on a bike, careful consideration has been given to the construction and specifications.

(*However, please note that it is not designed to run on a mountain pass.)

I guess it's squid. Do you feel like it's a mod parka?

A rare item that you probably won't see on the streets...a rare item?

Furthermore, we also have a more attractive version using WAXED suede based on the designer's discretion and prejudice.

I think it's quite different from the mainstream riding jackets on the market.

However, we will propose this as KADOYA, a leather clothing brand, and we hope that our customers will find it interesting.