Brush the demon again! ?

Hello everyone.

Today, I would like to introduce Kita's personal belongings, who calls himself "the demon of brushing".

If you like the maintenance of leather products,

Especially brushing is essential.

It is said that 60% of leather maintenance is completed by brushing.

It's very important, but there are many different types.

Many of the countries of origin of solid brushes are in Europe,

The German brushes that Kadoya handles are also made in Germany.

However, this is a product created by Japanese craftsmen.

・Sanoori Brush (Sanohata Brush)

It's a standard brush that loves maintenance.

Made with attention to detail, even if the handle is arched

The ends are longer so that the hair lays flat.

The beech wood is light, and the tension of the tip of the hair is transmitted to your hand, giving you an exquisite touch.

The feature is that it can be brushed.

There are many types of Sanohata brushes, but this one is made of pig hair.

Originally it is a brush used when applying cream,

I usually use it to dust my shoes.

This is because pig hair, which is stiffer than horse hair, feels better when brushed.

That's the only reason (laughs).

Working on maintenance on holidays is also a good thing.

Good evening.

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