Rasa cutting scissors (cutting scissors)

One of the seven tools given by the president. cutting scissors.

Large scissors used mainly for cutting fabrics.

The most common X-shaped type with a screw (fulcrum) between the blade and the handle and has a wide range of applications.

It is also called "Rasa-kiri scissors". The etymology of Rasa is a transliteration of the Portuguese RAXA.

Both ra and sha mean thin silk fabrics, but they are also capable of cutting thick fabrics.

Is it a coined word? Or is it too sharp?

By fixing the blade half-open, you can cut the fabric by hooking it and tearing it.

It is said that it was originally imported around the Meiji period, but since then, it has been made to fit the small hands of Japanese people.
It has been improved. Also, the manufacturing method is different.

While most Western knives are made of a single piece of steel, Japanese knives are made of soft iron and
By combining hard steel (the part of the blade), you can make subtle adjustments.

This is the inheritance of the excellent forging method seen in Japanese swords since the Heian period.
This manufacturing method creates a sharp edge and a delicate feel.

If you don't swallow the feeling of breathing that moves the two blades, you can use the scissors at will.
You can't use it.

Having mastered that sense, the craftsmen at the factory cut the leather and fabric on their own.

There are various methods, some people use kitchen knives and cutters, while others use scissors.
Some people own several to use according to the material to be cut.
In addition, there are different types such as right-handed / right-handed blade and left-handed / right-handed blade.

Originally, scissors would not cut anything other than cloth, but at Kadoya
Also used for cutting leather.

This style was created by a craftsman who used to be a tailor, but changed the stage to a leather jacket shop.
It was born by incorporating original methods and tools.

Some people send their blades to sharpeners, but most people sharpen them themselves.
This is also to improve work efficiency.

It's a little different from the general format, but it's a familiar tool for the person.
The work is efficient, and above all, the attitude and quality of trying to make good things
No change.

Among them, the skill of a veteran craftsman who has experience as a tailor is excellent.

Fast and accurate cutting. Unlimited.

Exactly Scissorhands.


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