Popular items of this season

It's getting so cold that it's snowing even in Sendai...but I can see some people riding bikes!

Due to motorcycle inventory issues, I'll be delivering the bike at this time, so I want the jacket now! I've heard a lot of people saying,
This seems to be a different trend than before.

What is popular this time of year for those who already have JKT etc...

If you were able to safely deliver your vehicle before the season begins, you may have already purchased JKT etc.

I get the impression that such people stock up on accessories at this time of year.


Boots can be second in price to JKT, so this is probably the best example.
I get the impression that there are a lot of people who are thinking about it now, perhaps because they tend to put it off!


Bags are also popular.
The HFG series produced by HEAD FACTORY is currently out of stock.
If you are considering this, please contact us as we can make reservations for the next production run at our store.


Speaking of BAG, there is also a series that suddenly arrived in advance this January.

This is a small leather bag that is easy to use for everyday use.


It will take about two months for spring/summer items to arrive in stock.
If you have something missing in your current wardrobe, why not take a closer look at these items?

Items that appeared