HFG/Waist Bag GS-PTD Aging

Miyazaki, a staff member of the Tokyo main store, came to the Sendai store to help out this week.
Our company's bag was a good feeling, so I would like to introduce it!

HFG/Waist Bag GS-PTD Aging

The HFG/Waist Bag GS-PTD model is the smallest type of HFG bag.

This one, which has a padded face, is black-painted for metal fittings such as ZIP.
I use a matte black material called "dull black".
The coating peels off over time, and the bronze base metal comes out.

kadoya waist bag

waist bag zipper

The connection between the belt of the waist bag and the main body

waist bag belts and buckles

In addition to the body leather, the tanned leather used for the belt has a particularly large change.
The hardness of the new product will be supple without a shadow to be seen.

A material that allows you to enjoy changes in leather and metal fittings as you use it,
HEAD FACTORY has many products that are made with that change in mind.

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