Hard steer increases with age

A custom order model of the solitary double rider jacket "AW-2 (currently discontinued)" that will be chosen by the manufacturer and the wearer, using about 1.8 mm thick hard steering.

The thinsulate and aluminum interior and the boa mouton collar make it suitable for cold weather.

As if the 15 years of wear and the mileage are proportional, the hits, wrinkles, and scratches can be felt over the years, which is the real pleasure of HF Hard Steer.

And the rider's legs are THE RIDEWADER STURGIS (currently discontinued).

This is also made with 1.8mm thick HF hard steering. It feels stiff at the beginning of use, but it fits in while giving you a sense of security that you can only experience with a high-quality hard steering.

It may not be possible to express with words such as secular change and aging that it seems to be integrated with itself over the years of use.

Both models are now discontinued and there is no ready-made product development, but full-order production with the same specifications is possible.

However, if you don't wear it for many years, you may not be able to feel the original goodness, so you may need to be prepared.

Everything is a consultation, so if you are interested, we will respond at the store.

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