The season for leather jackets has arrived.

The temperature has become perfect for wearing a leather jacket!

Although the world is in a self-restraint mood, the temperature has become the perfect season for leather jackets.

At KADOYA, many people have recently come to the store not only to buy bikes, but also to buy riders as street wear.

In particular, single riders with a shirt collar like this Ad9 are popular among such people.

Leather jackets are often paired with leather pants as a style for motorcycles, but

You can make it look surprisingly soft by changing the taste of the leather jacket itself, bottoms, shoes, and accessories.

On the other hand, it is also an item that can be used to tighten up an outfit that is too casual.
A black leather jacket is especially good when you want to feel a little (emotionally) crisp! !

Enjoy wearing your leather jacket in a variety of ways!

Model: 172cm 64kg
Leather jacket: Wearing size M
Bottoms: Wearing size 30inch

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