Are leather jackets cold? Leather jacket recommended for winter

Are leather jackets warm? Or is it cold?

``Are leather jackets warm? But I've heard that it's cold...''

Isn't there some people who are worried about this?

“The correct answer is both warm and cold! ” !

Leather jackets themselves are windproof, so they protect you from the cold, but leather jackets without padding tend to have poor heat retention, so you're more likely to get cold during the frigid winter months.

In particular, the orthodox [FPS-2-SFT] and [FPW-2 SFT] are mainly used as jackets for spring and autumn, so they tend to get cold in the winter season after December.

Of course, you can enjoy winter riding by wearing our high-performance cold protection innerwear [HRT series] or this season's new [RIDEN WARM series].

“I want to ride a bike warmer! ! ”

A leather jacket for winter is recommended for those who say so! !

That's why we've narrowed it down to five leather jackets that will keep you warm on winter bike rides and are recommended as street wear!

Recommended leather jacket for winter① HF/N-1

Recommended leather jacket for winter 1 N-1

The first thing I recommend is [HF/N-1]

This is a particularly popular model among our HEAD FACTORY brand!

This model is based on a deck crew jacket, with elements of a rider's jacket sprinkled throughout, and is designed to look comfortable even when worn as everyday wear!

The leather is [HF GOAT] (goat leather), which is both light and strong.

The collar boa and inner acrylic boa provide solid support for mid-winter riding!

The inner acrylic boa can be removed, so this model is recommended for those who want to enjoy a wide range of coordination!

Recommended leather jacket for winter② HF N-3B LEATHER

Recommended leather jacket for winter N-3BLEATHER

The next recommended product is [HF N-3B LEATHER] from HEAD FACTORY.

Similar to the [HF/N-1] introduced earlier, this model is based on the military jacket N-3B, and was completed by incorporating HEAD FACTORY's technology.

The filling has a three-layer structure of [2 sheets of Thinsulate + aluminum cotton], making it the most extreme cold specification model among KADOYA products!

The coyote fur on the hood has exquisite volume and creates a gorgeous atmosphere, so it's sure to stand out when you wear it on the street!

By setting the length slightly shorter than the regular N-3B, it does not get in the way when riding on a motorcycle.

Recommended for those who want to be warmer and stand out (?) ! !

*This model is produced in very small numbers, so if you would like to try it on, please contact our directly managed store in advance.

Recommended leather jacket for winter ③ N-3R

Leather jacket recommended for winter N-3R

The recommended leather jacket for the next winter is [N-3R]

Unlike the previous [HF N-3B LEATHER], this is a [K'S LEATHER] product from a rider wear brand that is suitable for town use.

[HF N-3B LEATHER] It is designed with more riding in mind than the [HF N-3B LEATHER], and comes standard with pockets for attaching shoulder and elbow protectors and spine pads!

And the length covers completely all the way to the waist.

What I am thankful for is the storm guard that prevents the wind from coming in from around the hem.

``No matter how cold it is, I want to ride a bike as long as the road doesn't freeze! ”

“I feel anxious if I don’t wear a protector when riding a bike! ”

Recommended for those who say!

Of course, if you remove the protector, you can use it as everyday wear!

Recommended leather jacket for winter④ DB9

Leather jacket recommended for winter DB9

The model we have introduced so far was a military-style leather jacket, but this time we will introduce a rider-like leather jacket [DB9].

The first thing that catches your eye is the distinctive all-over diamond quilting!

This model doesn't have a loose fit just because it's a winter leather jacket, but instead focuses on a leather jacket-like silhouette.

It comes standard with spine pads, and there are pockets on the shoulders and elbows for attaching protectors, so it's safe for those who are worried about not having a protector!

The front has a deep double-layered design, and the zip closes to the collar to prevent outside air from entering.

Recommended for those who want to wear tight clothes even in winter! !

Recommended leather jacket for winter⑤ LEATHER DOWN JACKET

Recommended leather jacket for winter 5 LEATHER DOWN JACKET

The last item we would like to introduce is the popular [LEATHER DOWN JACKET] with its combination of leather and down.

The combination of leather and down gives you a sense of warmth! !

This popular model has a simple design that makes it easy to coordinate with street wear.The reason for its popularity is not only its design and functionality, but also its affordable price among leather jackets!

This model also has pockets for attaching protectors to the shoulders, elbows, and back for added peace of mind.

This model is recommended for those who want to wear it without hesitation or those who prefer a loose fit!

There are more!

[Leather jackets] can be categorized as one for winter, spring/autumn, and summer!

``What season is the jacket I'm wearing now? ? ”

It might be interesting to think about it.

If you are using a spring/autumn jacket in the winter, it might be a good idea to consider a winter jacket!

We only introduced five winter models this time, but there are many other winter jackets that we haven't been able to introduce yet, so if you're interested, please contact our store staff!

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