winter fabric jacket

In the past few days, the temperature has become cool and comfortable, making it feel like autumn.

It's finally time for the leather jacket! !

The number of customers who purchase leather jackets is increasing.

Please feel free to contact us as new products will be gradually arriving.

In such a way, there are some people who are preparing for winter early.

So this time, in Kadoya's fabric jacket

Introducing NOEMI , which has the highest cold protection performance!

The front opening has a double zipper for improved wind resistance.

Storm guards are used on the cuffs and hem to block cold air from the zipper and the bottom.

Quilting fabric with high performance batting and aluminum heat reflective film inserted,

Demonstrates high cold protection on both the outer side and the lining side.

Hooded by opening the zipper around the neck.

It looks and feels so natural that you won't believe it has a hood.

Furthermore, it also functions as a riding jacket,

Can be equipped with shoulder, elbow and spine protectors.

*The protector is sold separately.

Because there is no additional production of fabric jackets at this time,

Only the sizes in the store are available, so please come early.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again here!

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