For everyone, what is the time to let go of your beloved car, such as a car or motorcycle?
What do you think?

There are circumstances, and cases that suddenly break up
I think there are various situations, such as when you switch to a new car.

Some people think it's just a machine, a lump of iron
The feeling is too strong, while riding alone on the last day
Some people may cry

I'm more of the latter.

I have never cried, but
It's really lonely when you let go.

It happened when I changed bikes before.
While looking forward to the day of delivery, I suddenly feel lonely.
I remember feeling uneasy.

It's terrible when it's the last day to trade in
When the destination approaches, it slows down, and it feels like it's going to be a good time to change trains.
Ended up regretting what I thought. It's selfish.

About three months ago
experienced in the factory.

It was my sewing machine that I had been using since I joined the company.
When I had to trade other sewing machines.

For us who make leather jackets, we can call it a partner.
Vertical feed sewing machine for thick materials. (From HF blog "LOVE TOOLS" )

Depending on the maintenance, my own will become a living creature
A familiar sewing machine and a unique sewing machine that has been repeatedly maintained and adjusted
I've never thought of exchanging it before.

On the eve of the exchange, I still felt an inescapable feeling.
It's already decided, and nothing can be done.

It is said that things have a soul, but for the next person to use
I think it's not good to leave too much feeling on things, so I cleaned it with gratitude,
I decided to welcome the last day without hesitation.

Now a newcomer is using the sewing machine next to me.

And now, the one I use is also my master
Used by a craftsman who retired last year.

The size of the table is also unique in that it is the largest among the sewing machines in the factory.

Compared to the sewing machine next to it, it is 30 cm longer in width and 10 cm longer in length.

Feeling inconvenient with its size, I picked up a circular saw and
I can see the figure of the craftsman who was about to cut the table.

The people around me panicked and stopped me, but...

A large table takes up space, but it's easy for me to use.
I'm pretty used to this machine now.


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