DKE650 and a gem of a warehouse district

Mr. T, who is a friend of Hashikure ZAPPER patterner Ushizaka and the organizer of CLUB ZAPPER, came to the store with two friends who are also ZAPPER riders to have a meeting to make an order seat bag.

I had a day off on this day, but I had promised to meet with Ushizaka later, and it was convenient in terms of time, so I hurriedly participated in the seat bag meeting.

First, confirm the shape of the seat, measure the area between the blinker and the luggage hook, and decide on the material.
Then discuss design details.

The three of us surrounded the materials that T-sama had entrusted to us in advance, which were so sharp, precise, concrete, and full of artistic inspiration that they could hardly be called rough sketches, and we went back and forth in a groove session. My mood is Jack Bruce, so Clapton is Mr. T, so Ushizaka is Ginger Baker? I didn't have this setting because it doesn't make sense.

Before I could indulge in silly delusions, it was time for Mr. T's group to depart. He listened carefully to the troublesome opinions of us creators, and in the end, each of us had our own homework to disband on that day.

The best thing I got from talking to him directly was the phrase "coolness in the uncoolness, uncoolness" that came to mind during the conversation.

I always feel that when producing custom-made products, if you hold down the correct numbers and do the work correctly based on them, there will be no mistakes in the shape. The most important thing is how to take the customer's image firmly and express it as a product.

I feel that I was able to accept even just the ugly and cool letter "D" at the forefront of Mr. T's world view, but thanks to you, I think I'll continue to argue with Ushizaka for a while. am.

Please be patient with us.


After finishing work, I and pattern maker Ushizaka headed to the Shinkiba warehouse district.

The purpose was held here

To support someone who participates in a match of the women's mixed martial arts organization JEWELS.

Tomimatsu player.

This person is a leather wholesaler whose life work is martial arts, and has a close relationship with our head factory.
A leather shop that mainly deals in Minkle leather that represents Kadoya, which has been used for battle suits, black stars, and racing suits for many years.
I would be in trouble if I got seriously injured.

The gong was rung in a space with a slightly maniac scent.

After a fierce battle, victory or defeat is carried over to judgment.

The place where the right hand is raised loudly in front of the result is disgusting.

and the judgment is


After this, in a winner interview she said:

”I think I was able to prove that continuing to do what I like leads to results.”

Tell me, you bastard.



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