protector on denim? 《KJ-REGULAR》

<<KJ-REGULAR>> has arrived! !

As in everyday life, denim pants are often worn when riding a motorcycle.

Wouldn't it be convenient if a protector could be attached to such denim pants for everyday use and for motorcycle use?

In fact, KADOYA previously sold two models, the KJ-01 and KJ-01RS, but even after they were discontinued, we received many inquiries. .

New denim that can be equipped with knee and waist protectors (standard equipment)
《KJ-REGULAR》 has appeared ! !
* Please note that the KDA-STRAIGHT cannot be fitted with a protector.

What is the back silhouette?


The back silhouette looks like this

“If you usually wear pants made for motorcycles, your buttocks will look like a diaper, which is uncool. . . 』

There was also an opinion, so this model has a refreshing look around the buttocks, so you don't feel uncomfortable even if you wear it everyday! !

what about the riding position?


Then if you straddle it, your butt will be stretched out and you won't be worried! ?

I think there are some people who have doubts about that, but please rest assured that the amount of exercise is secured with KADOYA's proud HFP (head factory pattern) and stretch material.

Even in the riding position, you can't really see the CE LEVEL 1 protectors on your hips and CE LEVEL 2 protectors on your knees! !

You can also boot in!


Of course, depending on the boots, you can also wear them in boots!

The boots used this time are [LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER]
This model is popular among women as it also comes in women's sizes.

Even if you look casual, you can instantly change the impression by wearing boots!

*By the way, the knee protector is not attached here.

Reliable domestic production


"KOJIMA JAPAN" engraved on the back leather patch

And the <<JAPAN PRIDE>> tag

It is also a proof that the domestic fabric is finished with domestic sewing at a denim specialty factory.

Colors are indigo and black Check out the real thing at the Sendai store! !

This denim comes in two colors, the classic indigo color and black color.
It might be nice to have them in different colors to suit your taste!

Denim <<KJ-REGULAR>> that is easy to use for both everyday and motorcycle use

It has arrived at the KADOYA Sendai store , so please try it on for the three consecutive holidays starting tomorrow! !

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