GO with a loaner car

Hello everyone, I'm Ichijima, and I've been feeling a little lonely lately as the end of summer has begun.

end of summer

For students, the end of summer vacation is one of the transitions to the new semester, and the transition to autumn is likely, but when you become an adult, the transition is unexpectedly ambiguous, and if you carelessly live in a rushed daily life, you will notice that the leaves are turning red. It's sad and lonely

If there is an opportunity to be conscious of the end of summer, it is a motorcycle inspection in my case.

Well, this happens once every two years, and it just happens that the timing for the vehicle inspection comes in September, but after repeating this for more than 10 years, before I knew it, the end of summer and the vehicle inspection were equal. I'm tied up.

The motorcycle I'm riding is weak against heat, so having the vehicle inspection at this time of year when it's just starting to cool down makes me feel like I'm working hard on the steel engine, saying, "Thank you for your hard work in the heat."

I asked the motorcycle shop to carry out various maintenance and repairs, and the vehicle inspection this time will take a little time, so I was able to borrow a 125cc as a loaner car while I was leaving it.

HONDA BENLY SL125S 71 year formula

Beautiful and cool.

It's the roots bike of the famous car XL.

The vivid metallic blue peculiar to the 70's blends well with the green of the roadside trees.

The undercarriage and frame of this vehicle are imported from Meriken, and the CB125 engine is mounted on the frame. I doubt it, but it's one kick, and as expected, it's a 60th birthday American bike guy's favorite item, and it's so good that it makes me laugh.

It's been a long time since I rode an off-road upright position, but the lightness of the car helped me feel the openness and exhilaration.

I often say that I ride an iron horse, but I feel that is the most fitting expression for an off-road bike.

It was so much fun that I actually wanted to go camping on the riverbed, but I couldn't find the time to do so, so all I could do was ride around town and take a detour on my way to work.

So, I stopped by "FUJI CAFE".

This store is a 30-second walk from KADOYA's main store, and has cooperated with our catalog photography several times.

The cold-brew coffee here is very delicious, managed by a mojamoja master who trained at a famous coffee shop in the Kappabashi shopping district.

I can feel the trend of the times that I can't go against the rapid increase in non-smoking cafes and bars in Tokyo, but this is a strong ally for smokers.

If you are visiting the main store, please stop by and you will be greeted by the clumsy master.

By the way, did you get the email that the vehicle inspection was completed?

And my bike returned in exchange.

After all, my bike is good.

It doesn't have a light and upright exhilaration, but the hot and heavy mass of iron is OK.

This is the end of my summer.

Autumn starts tomorrow, and autumn is the season for leather jackets, and it may be hotter than summer.

Has your autumn started yet?


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