timing to meet

Let's start by talking about the motorcycles you ride, but if you have a motorcycle you want to ride, there are two ways to get it.

As you know, there is a choice between a new car or a used car, but recently it seems that even new models are not available when you want them.

However, if it is a continued production model, there will be another one, so there is a possibility that you can buy it there.

If you want a bike that is no longer in production, there are many bikes that are difficult to obtain, so you will have to search in various ways. .

I've given up on it now, but I'm grateful for the timing of the bikes I was able to ride in the past.

It became a memory that I am glad I was able to ride at that time.

So what about biker jackets? That being said, the standard stand/regular collar single riders and double riders will continue to evolve little by little and will continue to remain that way.

However, the number of products that can be produced at one time is limited, so if an item is out of stock, you will have to wait until the next production timing.

In addition, there are models other than those called standard leather jackets that, unfortunately, are no longer in production.

We would like to reiterate to everyone that rider's jackets are an encounter, just like motorcycles, and that our directly managed stores exist as a place to do so.

Well, it will be a little while before new products and reproductions of standard models are scheduled to arrive.

The arrival timing varies depending on the product, so please check the product page.

Also, due to online pre-orders, some products may be marked as in stock in each size, but may not be available in stores.

Please check the model you are interested in as soon as possible and ask the store staff for confirmation.

The cold February is coming to an end.

I hope you all have good encounters in spring, which is just around the corner.

Kadoya, a specialized manufacturer of leather jackets

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