To keep wearing for many years

It's almost time to change clothes. .

Especially from summer to autumn, there are many inquiries about repairs and orders.

So this time, we will talk about the repair of Kadoya's finest engineer boots, KA-GIJ (/SS) .

I would like to introduce briefly with the product description.

First of all, engineer boots are a kind of work boots and safety shoes made for engineers in the United States as the name suggests.

These boots are designed to protect your feet so that you can work safely even in dangerous situations, and because of their high defensive performance, they are also loved by bikers whose legs are easily damaged.

KA-GIJ (/SS) uses raw leather from Europe, which is known for its high quality. It protects from external scratches and ensures sufficient durability.

The leather used is also thick and solid, but the wooden shape is adapted to Japanese feet, so you can feel the fit that is remarkably different from other shoes while wearing it.

Regarding the sole, we adopted Vibram's block pattern #1100 (KA-GIJ) with a rugged look and a flat sole that takes into consideration shift changes (KA-GIJ/SS) to ensure mobility such as ease of bending. And it is an engineer boot that has been particular about everything.



Next is about sole exchange.

This KA-GIJ series is made with a method called Norwegian, sewn with two threads.

As you can see in the picture, threads are sewn in places 1 and 2 , and although it is made with a very sturdy and complicated manufacturing method that takes time and effort, the bottom sole is not sewn, so what is it? It is possible to replace the sole as many times as you like.

However, if the leather of the midsole or upper where the thread is sewn beyond the bottom sole is worn out or deteriorated, repairs including the midsole are risky and difficult. increase.

Therefore, in order for you to wear engineer boots that you are used to wearing for a long time, we recommend replacing the soles as soon as possible before the wear reaches the midsoles and uppers!

This is one of the boots Kadoya staff has been using for many years, so why not try it once?

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