Irregular product. The second set to arrive in mid-February.

Because the specifications differ for each production lot, it is an irregular special specification product that can only be obtained at directly managed stores.

HEAD FACTORY GEAR shoulder and waist bag as a bespoke item at a directly managed store.

This time, based on WAIST BAG-PTD, the main body leather, parts, and some use have been changed.

The front is standard metal gold with a genuine zipper cover,

Insist on existence with the injection fastener of the service tooth.

The buckles are made of genuine brass with a nickel finish, and the eyelets and inner fasteners are also silver-colored.

And the bespoke specification has a length-adjustable eyelet added to the tip of the sword so that it can be easily worn over the shoulder.

There are two sizes, M/L and L/LL, but the only difference is the length of the belt on the sword tip side.

Enjoy the solid feeling of the genuine vintage steer model, or be fascinated by the comfortable suppleness of the bespoke goat model.

In mid-February 2023, there will be a very small amount in stock at each directly managed store.

・WAIST BAG-PTD Directly managed store bespoke model
35,200 yen including tax

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