Beginning of motorcycle life

An unusually cold wave has arrived, and I thought it would be difficult to ride a motorcycle, but on the weekends, some riders came from far away to visit us on motorcycles. So just imagining it makes me shudder. smile

What I said at the end of the year has become a reality.
that's right. Finally I...
I have bought a bike.
Even in the middle of this cold weather.

ZZR400 N type with season. There are some worrisome scratches, but it is enough for me. smile

I just delivered the car the other day, and I still don't feel like I have my own bike, but I can't let it sit until spring just because it's cold, so I'm going to ride it despite the cold.

And I chose LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER M2 as my first riding boots.

The length is about the middle of the calf,
The flat sole provides a firm grip.

It's lightweight and fits well on your feet, and as the name suggests, it's comfortable to wear like sneakers, so I personally like it ♪

If you are worried about riding boots, please try it once.

I still don't know much about bikes.
I think I'll get used to it little by little.

I aim to be a cool female rider so that I won't be ashamed of Kadoya staff!

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