Kojima denim has arrived, whether it's on a motorcycle or on the street.

The new 20S&S denim from Kojima [KDA-STRAIGHT] has arrived.

It is a product of 20S&S, but several items arrived immediately.

First of all, casual denim from Kojima.

Denim patches from Kojima, Okayama Prefecture

The "KADOYA x KOJIMA JAPAN" logo is also attached to the back patch.

By the way, for those who like denim, it is a selvage specification,

It is a rare " orange cell bitch ".

Denim from Kojima, Okayama prefecture, orange selvedge

The 14oz fabric is neither too thick nor too thin, and it has a moderate texture that can be used on a motorcycle or on the street .

The silhouette is also a basic straight type, and it has a hem that can be matched with engineer boots.

Jeans with a warm texture unique to Kojima.

Denim from Kojima, Okayama Prefecture

How about those who were looking for new jeans?

The new spring/summer Ron T is also in stock. I would love to have it with denim.

This season's new long T-shirt has a color and texture that seems to go well with denim.

Please check it out with jeans!

20S&S new T-shirt ②

20S&S new T-shirt

Denim & T-shirt coordination

Items that appeared