Um, I think I can hear the famous line.

"That person, dressed in blue, descends into a golden field..."

A scene from an anime movie.

Reminiscent of such a scene, this brushed surface like a bushy carpet

my favorite brush.

Saphir Noir goat brush.

Saphir's well-known line of color creams and concealers.

<Saphir Noir> A French male.

By being obsessed

The leather will get better with use.

Kadoya also has an order system that allows you to embody your commitment.

・Those who cannot find the shape they want in ready-made products.

・Those who want to wear their favorite sizing.

・Those who want to emphasize their individuality.

We will help you create your own ideal outfit that you envision.

If you want to listen to the story slowly and carefully, this time is recommended.

First of all, please feel free to ask the store staff.

Items that appeared