2021F&W new leather JKT is also popular!

The temperature is dropping, and the movement of new leather JKT is accelerating!

It's been almost two months since the mass arrival of autumn items started...

We have had many customers come to our store this year, and we are already seeing models that are becoming smaller in size!

This time, we will briefly check the stock status of the new model 3 released this year.

MAVERICK: The most popular new leather JKT? !

Aviator jacket_MAVERICK

MAVERICK is a new work and is currently the fastest moving!

Is it because the model perfectly matches the current season?

M and L sizes are already sold out...
If you are aiming for other sizes, please contact us as soon as possible and come to our store to check it out!

VOLGIN: It's still for the coming season...?

Winter jacket_VOLGIN

Among the new products, VOLGIN is made of leather down, so it is suitable for the colder months.

However, as it is a unique leather down product, those who are quick to get it will be able to get it as soon as it becomes available.

Compared to MAVERICK, the sizes are not sold out yet, but there are only a few LL sizes left...

Please note that there will be no shortage of items, including other sizes!

PULLOVER RIDERS: This one can be worn all season...?

Leather pullover_PULLOVER RIDERS

PULLOVER RIDERS is a new genre of jacket that can be worn like a shirt rather than as a motorcycle gear for the coming season.

We have seen some customers buying this item on impulse, and in terms of size, L size stock is at its thinnest...

The next production date is undecided, so if you are interested, hurry!

Other than leather JKT! Check out the lineup in store.

KADOYA lineup

Other than leather JKT, especially winter gloves, we have very few in stock!

The leather fair has ended, including handkerchiefs...
Please come to our store and take a look at our various lineups for winter preparations!


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