Introducing a sporty rider jacket for 19S&S!

KADOYA will continue to receive new arrivals this week,

Today we have a rather sporty rider jacket with padding, which is rare in KADOYA in recent years!

Two such models arrived at the same time,
We would like to introduce one of them, "CHASER".

Sporty riders jacket [CHASER]

The color is BLACK & BROWN,
Available in two colors, BLACK&IVORY.

This is IVORY.

Riding jacket with built-in shoulder and elbow pads.

I think there are many people who are worried about not having a pad.
This model responds to such voices and becomes a model with built-in shoulder, elbow and spine pads.
Of course, we are also equipped with a tape for attaching the chest pad.

The classic design goes well with the trendy “Neo Cafe”!

In the catalog, we are shooting with the planning staff's Neo Cafe Racer system,
I think that it is compatible with various bikes.

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