Leather boots that feel like sneakers.

“Leather high sneakers” are boots that feel like sneakers.

Leather high sneakers_1

I've been wearing them for about 3 years now, so I'd like to introduce them to you and show you how they've changed.

Leather high sneakers_2

By the way, mine is an early model before it became the current improved model " Leather High Sneakers M2 ".

I was used to hard leather boots such as KA-GIJ , so I was concerned about the quality of the softer leather, but the leather itself is still comfortable to wear.

The thin shaft has fine wrinkles like the sleeves of a leather jacket, and its limp appearance resembles a suspension.

On a different note, the sole shape is not very wide, so those with large widths should be careful.

Leather high sneakers M2

Comparing it with the new " Leather High Sneakers M2 "...

The new one is crisp.

Leather high sneakers M2_2

Some people are concerned about the fact that the shaft is angled so that it falls backwards.

When riding a bike in a neutral position, when you put your feet on the steps, your feet will be at an angle that is unexpectedly close to you.

Even if it's not, the leather is soft enough that you won't notice it in an instant.

Rather, the angled shaft creates a unique crease at the front of the boot, giving it a unique three-dimensional feel.

If you are likely to do a lot of sightseeing at your touring destination, we recommend the Leather High Sneakers M2.

Leather high sneakers_3

The best thing about these boots is that you won't get tired while walking.

These unique boots have a comfortable leather and sole that makes you want to wear them every day.

The bottoms are easy to match with a variety of things, so if you're interested, be sure to get them while they're still in stock.

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