BIKER DENIM VEST 3 is now in stock!

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Many people may have been waiting for this product.

Kadoya's denim vest is now in stock!

Isn't it a style unique to bikers?

After all, it looks cool when worn over a leather jacket!

Of course, if you use it regularly and use it regularly, I think it will blend better and become a better color. Try matching it with various things such as T-shirts, hoodies, work shirts, etc.

You can get together with your friends or team, or create your own style by customizing it with patches, embroidery, pins, badges, etc. If you want an accent to your leather jacket, but don't want to sew it directly or make holes, you should definitely try a denim vest.

There is no lining, so it is easy to attach patches and embroidery.

The sides are lace-up, so you can adjust it to suit your style.

This time, only blue denim is in stock.

This is an item that makes a plain black leather jacket more fashionable. Please try!

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