2018 (Autumn/Winter) Leather Wear! !


During the period from Saturday, September 22, 2018 to December 29, 2018 (the last business day of each store)

Various novelties will be presented to those who purchase leather products at our company store and ONLINE SHOP! ! !

1. Get “CROWN PINS 2018” with purchase of leather products over 10,000 yen (excluding tax)!

"CROWN PINS 2018" A not-for-sale 2018 product designed with the crown mark, a symbol of KADOYA, as a pin badge (SIZE: about 16mm long / 30mm wide, nickel plated, W pinned)

2. Get more "LEATHER TRAY 2018" with purchases of 30,000 yen or more excluding tax! Look forward to which colors will be available!


Please note that you cannot specify the color of the genuine leather tray that uses the leather carefully selected by KADOYA.

(SIZE: about 105mm long/160mm wide/24mm deep)

3. Get more "KADOYA HANGER 2018" with purchase of leather products over 50,000 yen excluding tax! !

"KADOYA HANGER 2018" A wooden hanger made by Nakata Hanger, which is indispensable for high-quality leather jackets. (SIZE: about width 415mm / thickness 40mm)

We will present various novelties limited to this season according to the purchase amount.

The number of each novelty is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible.

*Please note that the number of novelty items is limited, so it will end as soon as the stock runs out during the period.

Items that appeared