We will open a store at Asakusa A Round 2022 Autumn

Asakusa A Round 2022 Autumn will be held for three days from October 14th (Friday) to October 16th (Sunday), 2022.

“What is Asakusa A Round? ” #Asakusa A Round 2022 Autumn

We hope you will enjoy learning about the surprising side of Asakusa, which has been producing leather shoes for nearly 150 years. Asakusa A-Round is an event that began with these thoughts from the workshops and local shops.

Focusing on the Oku-zashiki area of ​​Asakusa, a tourist destination, and the Oku-Asakusa area, the ``leather town'' that boasts the highest production and shipment of leather shoes in Japan, we will visit leather shoe-making sites that are usually closed to the public, and the DNA of manufacturing is alive and well. We will convey the charm of the city.

What is Asakusa A-Round?

Since 2014, Ref Leather has been participating in events held mainly by individuals and companies involved in the leather industry in the Asakusa area.

We will also participate as a spot store in 2022. The cleaning factory, which is usually closed to the public, is open to the public and you can freely tour the factory.

Please take a look at how the craftsmen wash each leather jacket by hand.

We will do our best to answer any questions you may have about how to care for your product!

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