Club Harley × HEAD FACTORY [Limited production] One-shoulder bag with "Yoshi on your back!" & "Yoshi on your car!" is complete!

Realize "It would be nice if there was such a bag"!

The design and quality suitable for an adult Harley rider, the perfect size that fits everything you need, and the smart way to mount it when riding a motorcycle.

In order to make such an ideal bag, we asked the long-established Japanese leather jacket maker "Kadoya" to cooperate and developed a one-shoulder bag full of commitment!

Production is handled by the headquarters factory that produces Kadoya's highest peak line "HEAD FACTORY", and it is all handmade.

What's more, the cowhide used is "vintage steer," which combines tannin tanning and chrome tanning. It has excellent texture, familiarity, and durability.

For those of you who thought, "I want a cool bag!" For those of you who feel that both appearance and function are important! The birth of a bag that every Harley rider who knows the difference should have!

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